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Our activities for daycare groups

We welcome daycare groups to the FNOB with open arms. Our special repertoire for children in daycare comprises performances and workshops, which provide an ideal first glance into the wonders of opera and ballet. The compressed stories of our Mini Operas are suitable for the very youngest, too. Pre-schoolers can immerse themselves into the main stage performances in Opera & Ballet in Action workshops through music, drama, dance or make-up.

The Mini Operas and Opera & Ballet in Action workshops are free of charge for daycare groups. Contact us for more information: yleisotyo[at]

Enrolment for spring 2021 starts on Tue 17 Nov

Opera & Ballet in Action workshops_children

Opera & Ballet in Action

Miniooppera: Reininkulta

Mini opera: Das Rheingold

Look, listen and read together

Watch performance for free

The Barber of Seville for Toddlers

Taaperoiden taidetuokio: Sevillan Parturi; Sampo Haapaniemi, Saara Kiiveri