Tamara Rojo – Alexander Glazunov

The world famous dancer Tamara Rojo, former artistic director of the English National Ballet, has created a new version of the iconic ballet, Raymonda. Set in the midst of the Crimean War, the production has been inspired by the story of the pioneer of nursing, Florence Nightingale, as well as other women who supported the war effort.


Britain is involved in the Crimean War. At home, Raymonda is reading news from the war and would like to participate in the effort. The son of family friends, John de Bryan, is saying his goodbyes before leaving for the front. Raymonda, too, decides to travel to the Crimean peninsula.

The soldiers wake up and head out of their camp towards the battle in Sevastopol. John and his friends are enthusiastic about finally joining in the action. Raymonda and the other nurses are treating the wounded at the camp. John wants to marry Raymonda before the battle and she accepts his proposal for the sake of compassion.

Suddenly officers of Britain’s allied armies arrive, including John’s friend, prince Abdur Rahman, an agha of the Ottoman Empire. John introduces Raymonda to Abdur and asks him to look after her while he is away.

Raymonda goes to bed and dreams of nurses dancing with dead soldiers. She dances with both John and Abdur. She is woken up, because Abdur is throwing a party to keep the soldiers’ morale, and the nurses are invited, too. Raymonda gets excited, but John’s scarf reminds her of their engagement.

At the party, the Ottoman peoples perform their traditional dances. Raymonda’s colleague, sister Clemence, notices the attraction between Raymonda and Abdur. She tries to stop them from getting more intimate but eventually leaves as she realises her efforts are futile. Suddenly the party is interrupted by soldiers returning from the front, including John.

Raymonda and John are about to get married. One of the guests is Abdur, which makes Raymonda melancholic. At the wedding, Raymonda finally understands her destiny and makes a decision that will define her entire future.

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