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Total duration
no intermission
Performances 20.8.-19.9.
Almi Hall Foyer

How do we communicate in virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a tool of the future. How will it change the way we communicate? We’re at ease with sending instant messages and viewing factual content in real time, but how can we convey emotions and sensations to the other side of the world? The new virtual work of art, Common Domain, explores the fundamental questions of human interaction and reminds us that we can only change the world together.

Common Domain is open to visitors in the Almi Hall foyer Aug 20 -Seb 13, 2020. Its worlds can be visited in conjunction with the interactive work Laila.

Free of charge

Common Domain by media artist Kalle Rasinkangas is an interactive installation that focuses on human collaboration. Contrary to much VR art, it is not a private experience but one shared and co-created by all the participants. The number of people and their movement within the space affects the inner world of the work of art.


Common Domain invites people to experience and influence how the work unravels on many different layers – just like an opera performance appears different to a soloist on the stage, from a seat in the front row, or the back of the highest balcony.

Experience two works of art

Common Domain is open to visitors in the Almi Hall foyer in August. Its worlds can be visited in conjunction with Laila, an interactive work by Esa-Pekka Salonen, Paula Vesala, Tuomas Norvio and Ekho Collective.

Kalle Rasinkangas

Kalle Rasinkangas is a media artist and sound designer who sees art primarily as a means of communication. Inspired by trekking and video games alike, he focuses his art around the balance between the concrete and the virtual. To date, his work includes virtual reality art, spatial and sound installations, and performance art.

Through Opera Beyond, Kalle Rasinkangas has become the first Artist in Residence of the international research laboratory Nokia Bell Labs in the Nordic countries.

Opera Beyond x Nokia Bell Labs

Common Domain is a production of the Opera Beyond ecosystem, which collides arts with emerging technologies. Common Domain is created in collaboration with Opera Beyond and Nokia Bell Labs.

The collaboration is part of the Nokia Bell Labs Experiments in Arts and Technology programme, in which artists, engineers and researchers explore new opportunities for humans to interact and connect. Kalle Rasinkangas works within a community of top tier researchers, while making the most of Nokia Bell Labs’ advanced technology.