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Main Stage

A moment before the premiere

A lot of work goes into a production before it’s finally presented to the audience. The culmination of the rehearsal period is when the rehearsals move from the rehearsal room to the stage. The last rehearsals before the opening night are called Dress Rehearsals.

We provide schools and other special groups the opportunity to visit our Dress Rehearsals as a test audience. The test audience adds an element of excitement, which gives the performers a taste of the real performance atmosphere.

Advance enrolment is always necessary for the Dress Rehearsals.

Enrolment to 2020–2021 Dress Rehearsals

Seats for our open main rehearsals are allocated in order of enrolment, with priority given to first-time visitors. The maximum group size for enrolment is one school class. Groups who have applied for seats will receive confirmation of successful enrolment within two to three weeks.

Please note that bookings are only accepted via the application form on our Finnish site  and according to the schedule given below. Please see the enrolment instructions.

Enrolment to 2020–2021 Dress Rehearsals starts in Sptember.

Right to changes reserved.

No dress rehearsals in season 2020 – 2021

Enrolment instructions

We are delighted by the high level of interest groups have taken in our open Dress Rehearsals. To make it possible for as many groups as possible to attend, it is important to answer all the following questions on the enrolment form:

  • Has the group previously attended a Dress Rehearsal? If so, when?
  • Group contact details (name of group/school/year)
  • Group size (adults and children separately, max. 2 school classes or approx. 30 people)
  • Group contact person, phone number, email address and postcode
  • Reason why this group should be chosen to attend the rehearsal
  • Any special information and needs (such as the need for wheelchair spaces)

Unfortunately, we are unable to process incomplete enrolment forms or accept enrolment via email. As it takes a few weeks to process the forms, there is a slight delay in confirming seats.