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Total duration 45 min
no intermission
2 performances
27.10.2018 – 27.10.2018
On the road
Oulu Theatre

The popular Moomin ballet visits Oulu

Muumipeikko ja taikurin hattu

Mysterious events in Moominvalley

Moomin and the Magician’s Hat by Kenneth Greve and Tuomas Kantelinen, the duo behind several hit ballets, will pay a visit to Oulu in October 2018. The Moomin ballet for the whole family tells the familiar story about a mysterious magician’s hat. It has already charmed both Japan and Helsinki.

Produced by special arrangement with Agency North Ltd and Moomin Characters Ltd. Performances are part of FNOB’s visit to Oulu in autumn 2018.

Muumipeikko ja taikurin hattu

“The King’s Ruby lay shining in the grass looking more beautiful than ever.

But meanwhile the King’s Ruby was shining like a red eye in the dark earth, and up in the moon the Hobgoblin caught sight of it.”

– Tove Jansson: The Magician’s Hat

Muumipeikko ja Taikurin hattu

Moomin characters en pointe

The ballet based on Tove Jansson’s book The Magician’s Hat takes the audience to Moomin Valley, where the appearance of a strange top hat has bizarre consequences. The Moomin characters of the 2015 ballet, Moomin and the Comet, are now joined by Little My, the Groke, and many more.

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Muumipeikko ja taikurin hattu

A work for the whole family

The Moomin ballet is suitable for the whole family, as it is less than one hour in length, not too long even for small children to follow the adventures of familiar characters. The performance may, however, be too exciting for the very youngest children because of scenes like the arrival of the Groke in half-darkness and the Magician’s mysterious panther.

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As spring comes, the folk in Moomin Valley wake from their hibernation and begin preparations for spring. Little My discovers a top hat that turns out to be magical. Sniff finds a large ruby in the garden, but suddenly the nice day turns grey and chilly as the icy Groke arrives in Moomin Valley, claiming the ruby for herself.

Moominmamma persuades the Groke to leave, but soon another visitor arrives: a black panther, the familiar of the Macigian, who is looking for his hat and his ruby. The Magician finds his lost property in Moomin Valley, and to great party is held to celebrate!

A full synopsis and background information are available in the programme booklet.

Creative team

Kenneth Greve
Music (recording)
Tuomas Kantelinen
Sets, projection design
Anna Kontek
Erika Turunen
Lighting design
Vesa Pohjolainen


Jani Talo

Performing rights: Agency North Ltd and Moomin Characters Ltd

Performances and tickets

45 min
no intermission
2 performances
27.10.2018 – 27.10.2018
On the road
Oulu Theatre
Sat 27.10.2018
at 14:00
Sat 27.10.2018
at 16:00