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7 enchanting premieres

A season ticket is for true opera and ballet fans. The season ticket guarantees you a seat for all our premieres, which amount to 7 in the 2022–2023 season.  You will also enjoy a dedicated seat in the auditorium and eleven more substantial benefits. Read more about the benefits of the season ticket.

Season tickets can be renewed from 31.3 onwards. New season tickets will go on sale on 6.4. at 12 noon.

Get your season ticket for season 2022–2023

Are you one of our regulars yet?

Your seat for the 2022–2023 season ticket performances is already reserved for you. Renewing your season ticket is simple: just sign in at our online store. To keep your assigned seat in the auditorium, please redeem your season ticket by 21.5.

Renew your season ticket

Do you want to become a season ticket holder?

Season tickets for the 2022–2023 season are available from 6.4. onwards. When you buy your season ticket by 20.6., you are eligible for a 15–20% discount. We’d love to see you become one our regulars!

Buy a season ticket

Season tickets performances 2022–2023

Season ticket prices 2022–2023

Choose which day of the week is most convenient for you to see our premieres. Season tickets are available for the stalls as well as for the first and second balconies. Season ticket prices in different sections of the auditorium can be seen on the seat map below. The exact price for a specific seat will be displayed in the online store when you select it on the seat map. Buying your season ticket is extra quick and convenient in the online store.

Premiere ticket

1st balcony 902€ (A, pink)
1st balcony and stalls 811€ / 706€ / 625€  (B, blue / C, yellow / D, green)
2nd balcony 706 € / 625€ / 539€ (C, yellow / D, green / E, purple)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday tickets

1st balcony 814€ (A, pink)
1st balcony and stalls 740€ / 654€ / 557€ (B, blue / C, yellow/ D, green)
2nd balcony 654€ / 557€ / 476€ (C, yellow / D, green / E, purple)

Friday and Saturday tickets

1st balcony 853€ (A, pink)
1st balcony and stalls 771€ / 685€ / 588€ (B, blue / C, yellow / D, green)
2nd balcony 685€ / 588€ / 496€ (C, yellow / D, green / E, purple)


Purchase in advance to get a 20% discount (15% on the Premiere Ticket) on the price of your season ticket. Purchase before 20th June 2022 to get the discount. The discount will be rounded to the nearest euro.

With a valid student card, you get a 30% discount on the normal season ticket price. You cannot combine the advance purchase discount with the student discount, and the student discount does not apply to the Premiere Ticket. The discount will be rounded to the nearest euro. Proof of concession must be presented upon arrival at the performance.

Ooppera ja Baletti_kanta-asiakkaat

Enjoy exceptional flexibility

Our season tickets allow you to pick and choose your ideal opera and ballet package. You can attend all the included performances or exchange them for returning productions you love, depending on ticket availability. The easiest way to exchange tickets is via our online store, by signing in to your customer account.  Ask more from our customer service. 

The exchange is free of charge for seats in the same price category. Tickets must be exchanged at least 24 hours before the performance.

The benefits for regular customers

  • Best seats for opera and ballet premieres.
  • 20 % discount to all other ballet and opera performances (except for guest performances, special performances and group bookings). The discounts will be rounded to the nearest euro and they are valid in price categories A to E.
  • A free programme booklet on the night of the premiere performance.
  • Invitations to events exclusive to season ticket holders.
  • Exclusive discounts and advance purchase opportunities emailed to you.
  • Opportunity to exchange your tickets free of charge online up to 24 hours before the performance in autumn 2022 (except for guest performances, special performances and group bookings).
  • Reserve tickets for free.
  • 20% discount on selected seasonal products at the Opera Shop. The discounts will be rounded to the nearest euro.
  • One hour guided tour behind the scenes with your friends with 50% discount  (Enroll by telephone at 09 4030 2210).
  • Two season brochures mailed to you every year.
  • Latest news and updates in an email newsletter (in Finnish).
  • Your regular seat reserved for you for upcoming seasons.

Season ticket performance dates

Premiere ticket
Die Walküre Fri 26 Aug
Triple Bill: World Wide Dance Fri 30 Sep
Innocence Fri 21 Oct
CircOpera 2.0 Fri 25 Nov
Turandot Fri 27 Jan
Raymonda Fri 24 Feb
Siegfried Fri 24 Mar

Tuesday Ticket
Die Walküre Tue 6 Sep
Triple Bill: World Wide Dance Tue 4 Oct
Innocence Tue 8 Nov
CircOpera 2.0 Tue 13 Dec
Turandot Tue 31 Jan
Raymonda Tue 28 Feb
Siegfried Tue 11 Apr

Wednesday Ticket
Die Walküre Wed 14 Sep
Triple Bill: World Wide Dance Wed 5 Oct
Innocence Wed 26 Oct
CircOpera 2.0 Wed 30 Nov
Turandot Wed 8 Feb
Raymonda Wed 1 Mar
Siegfried Wed 29 Mar

Thursday Ticket
Die Walküre Thu 1 Sep
Triple Bill: World Wide Dance Thu 20 Oct
Innocence Thu 10 Nov
CircOpera 2.0 Thu 1 Dec
Turandot Thu 2 Feb
Raymonda Thu 9 Mar
Siegfried Mon 17 Apr

Friday Ticket
Die Walküre Mon 29 Aug
Triple Bill: World Wide Dance Fri 7 Oct
Innocence Fri 28 Oct
CircOpera 2.0 Fri 2 Dec
Turandot Fri 10 Feb
Raymonda Fri 3 Mar
Siegfried Fri 14 Apr

Saturday Ticket
Die Walküre Sat 10 Sep
Triple Bill: World Wide Dance Sat 1 Oct
Innocence Sat 12 Nov
CircOpera 2.0 Sat 26 Nov
Turandot Sat 4 Feb
Raymonda Sat 11 Mar
Siegfried Sat 22 Apr

Renew your season ticket

If you had a season ticket for the 2022–2023 season, we have already reserved a seat for you for the seven premieres of the upcoming season. When you redeem your season ticket by 21 May, we can guarantee that you keep your existing seat in the auditorium. After that the season ticket seats that haven’t been redeemed will become available for new buyers. You can redeem your season ticket for the 2022–2023 season in our online store at your convenience from 31 Mar.

How to renew your season ticket:

  1. Sign in to our online store.
  2. You will find the details of your season ticket in Unpaid bookings. Please note that the early bird discount (20 %, 15 % for the premiere package in the stalls, 1st and 2nd balcony in price categories A to E) has already been applied.
  3. Make sure your contact details are up to date.
  4. Click on Add to basket and continue to payment.

We are here for you

Ooppera ja Baletti_kanta-asiakkaat

Season ticket customer service

If you need help in redeeming your season ticket or if you would like to change your season ticket package or seat, please contact our customer service for season ticket holders. Our telephone service is open from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on +358 (0)9 4030 2210 (normal telephone charges apply). You can also email us at

The great opera epic continues

Die Walküre and Siegfried

The crown jewel of the 2022–2023 season is Der Ring des Nibelungen, Richard Wagner’s epic tetralogy by a Finnish creative team. The first two parts of the Ring will be seen in the upcoming season: Die Walküre and Siegfried.