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Land of Kalevala

10.10.2017 203 views

The Land of Kalevala ballet spectacle by Kenneth Greve will be premiered on 3 November 2017. Its story touches on milestone moments in Finnish history and culture with a bold combination of various art forms. The end result will be a playful, touching and slightly mad production that can only be the work of an outside observer.

The iconic moments of Finnish history will be underpinned by Finnish musical memories across genre boundaries. The music is being compiled by Tuomas Kantelinen, who will also be providing some original music. The performing ensemble will include internationally known Finnish modern folk musicians such as accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen and the band Värttinä. The Chorus and Orchestra of the FNO will also be there.

Land of Kalevala is at once a thank-you to, a celebration of and a wake-up call for the Finnish nation. It probes deep into the core of what it is to be Finnish. Do we understand our roots? Do we know where we are going? Do we still have the stamina to dig through grey rock, as the saying goes?

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