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Fri 8.12.2023 18:45

Die Fledermaus

3 t 10 min

Die Fledermaus, which bubbles with lighthearted joy, is an immortal classic in the world of Viennese operetta. It owes its enduring success to true-to-life characters and a fun and fast-paced story, and most importantly, the cheerfully melodic music by Johann Strauss (1825–1899).

At the Finnish National Opera, Die Fledermaus is brought to life in a vibrant display of colour, movement, and kaleidoscopic swirls, all in the whimsical mood of a Viennese waltz and the spirit of the 19th century.

Watch the live stream on Friday 8 December at 6.45 pm on Stage24.

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This work is now in our repertoire, too