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Season 2020–2021 at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Dazzling beauty and exhilarating entertainment – combined with powerful drama and tantalising tales. Everything has its place. The darkest tragedies are lit by glimmers of hope, but gloomy shadows also loom over the comedies’ light-hearted merrymaking. Every performance is a journey to another era and a different world. The themes may be exciting, moving, or comforting, but they are always larger than life.

Open your eyes to the contradictions of humanity, the light and the shadow, and the deepest recesses of the soul. We dare you to explore the mysteries of the human mind.

The sale of individual tickets starts on 7 August.


”Ballet works are always about contrasts: the black and white swans of Swan Lake, the good and the evil man in Jekyll & Hyde, and the dream and reality of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. First and foremost, ballets are about the battle between good and evil. Good always prevails – that comes without saying.”

– Madeleine onne, the Artistic Director of the Ballet

Season 2020–2021 highlights

COW, photo T.M. Rives

Absurd comedy meets energetic dance


Ballet premiere 22.8.2020

The epic saga continues

Die Walküre and Siegfried

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Merirosvo – Le Corsaire

A ballet that will take you by storm

Le Corsaire

Premiere 25.9.2020

Jekyll & Hyde

World premiere 6.11.2020

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Iloinen Leski hurmaa glamourillaan

An operetta about marriage worries

The Merry Widow

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The greatest feat of dance

Swan Lake

Ballet premiere 26.2.2021

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Why settle for one when you could see two?

Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci

Opera premiere 26.3.2021

”Opera is built on opposing forces. Its great stories revolve around the characters’ inner contradictions and their struggles to reach their goals, such as revenge, the consummation of love, or the rapture of passion. While often black and white, these themes are all immensely beautiful, creating powerful experiences with an irresistible, lasting pull on the audience.”

– Lilli Paasikivi, The Artistic Director of the Opera
Tripla: World Wide Dance

Three dance works in one evening

Triple Bill: World Wide Dance

Ballet premiere 23.4.2021

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A storm is rising

Peter Grimes

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