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audience outreach

Art Testers

Great to see you here, Art Testers!

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This is what you’ll be testing

  • Ballet

    Romeo and Juliet

    Main Stage 20.1.2024 – 7.2.2024

Take note of the following

  • How does the show work if you don’t listen to the music? How about if you close your eyes? 
  • How do the sets change during the performance? How do these changes move the story forward? 
  • How do the costumes change? Does the characters’ behaviour change when their costumes change? 
  • What kind of atmospheres does the lighting create? 
  • What happens backstage during the performance?
  • How does an orchestra work? 
  • Which instruments do you recognise in the orchestra pit?
  • Can you see where the prompter is sitting at the front of the stage?
  • Why are there TV screens all around the auditorium? What’s their purpose? 
  • If you’re watching a ballet, what is the little red light on the first balcony? Who is keeping an eye on it, and when in particular?

A few tips

  • Please feel free to use either the main entrance on the Mannerheimintie side or the Töölönlahti entrance.
  • You can leave jackets, large bags, etc. in the free, supervised cloakroom. 
  • You’ll hear a fanfare as the performance is about to start. Ours is from Finland’s first ever opera, the Hunt of King Charles.
  • Please consider the performers and the rest of the audience and don’t share your thoughts with your friends before the interval.
  • Please don’t bring sweets, bottled drinks, crisps, etc. into the auditorium.
  • If you need to leave the auditorium during the performance, you can only get back after the interval.
  • The Opera House has service counters where you can buy treats before the performance and during the interval. The prices are a little higher than in a typical coffee shop.
  • If you’re attending a performance during the day, please bring your own snacks, as the cafes aren’t open yet.

We’d love to have you back! Our same-day tickets for young people cost between €20 and €50. Check out our repertoire and choose your next experience.

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