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Total duration 1 h 15 min
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Performed in Finnish

An energetic exercise class for first graders

Balettienergiaa pojille harjoitus

In this workshop, the dancers of the Finnish National Ballet will stage a dance-oriented exercise class. The class begins with a short dance performance, after which the dancers will work with the students in small groups. The workshop allows the students to try out acrobatics, pirouettes and balancing, as well as strength-building exercises. The workshop will introduce ballet to boys as both a sport and an art form. Its goal is to inspire 7-year-old boys to take up dance, inspire curiosity towards ballet, and encourage applications to the Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. 

Ballet energy for schools

Ballet energy for boys workshops tour schools in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen in the spring season. The next workshops will take place in spring 2020.

The workshops are suitable for all boys who are currently in the first grade.

The workshops will take place from January to March 2020. There will be one or two 75-minute workshops at each school, depending on the agreed schedule. One workshop can accommodate 30 boys, but two workshops will be held in case of more participants.

The idea is to have all the school’s 7-year-old boys take part. The workshop will take place at the schools sports hall and the teacher must be present throughout the workshop.

Ballet energy for boys workshops are free of charge.

Enrolment for workshops in spring 2020

Enrolment for workshops in spring 2020 starts November 12th at 9 AM. Register here

The workshop dates are as follows: 


The selected schools will be notified.

Soinisen koulun oppilaita työpajassa

Kick start a ballet hobby

The boys who have taken part in the workshop are entitled to two free ballet classes at the Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet in spring 2020. Those interested in studying ballet can apply to the Ballet School in the entrance exam held in spring.