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Andrew Lloyd Webber's

The Phantom of the Opera

2 h 35 min , incl. 1 interval (25 min)
24.8.2024 – 23.10.2024
Main Stage
Price range
21–113 €
English. Surtitles in finnish and swedish
Age recommendation
Good to know
Separate terms and conditions apply

A musical that must be seen at the Opera

The blockbuster musical The Phantom of the Opera returns to the Finnish National Opera’s repertoire last time in autumn 2024.

The Phantom of the Opera, one of the all-time favourites at the Finnish National Opera, has had over a hundred sold-out performances in Finland. Globally, it’s estimated that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera (1986) has been seen by over 140 million people, making it the world’s most popular musical.

Combining elements of classical music with pop and rock, this musical is a perfect choice for first-time visitors, too. The Finnish National Opera’s version features the largest ensemble of singers, musicians, and dancers ever seen in Finland. This spectacle is simply unmissable!

Please note that separate terms and conditions apply to performances of The Phantom of the Opera.

”With a symphony orchestra, the Chorus of the FNO, a 12-member dance ensemble and classically trained soloists, I believe it is safe to say that no better production of Phantom than this can ever be staged in Finland.”

– Etelä-Suomen sanomat



The year is 1861. A new opera is being rehearsed at the Opéra Populaire. In the middle of the rehearsal, a backdrop counterweight suddenly falls to the floor: the Phantom of the Opera has caused yet another accident. Carlotta, the diva of the Opéra, refuses to perform a role assigned to her, and an inexperienced chorus girl named Christine is given her big chance. The performance is successful, and Christine reports to her friend that she has been taking voice lessons from a mysterious figure, the ‘Angel of Music’.

The Phantom insists that Christina be given the lead role in the next opera. The directors and staff, however, decide to defy the Phantom’s edict. The accidents continue. Later, the Phantom demands that the Opéra produce an opera written by him, with a lead role tailored for Christine.

The opera directors agree, but only because they intend to take the opportunity to apprehend the Phantom at the premiere. The plan backfires: the Phantom murders the star

tenor of the Opéra and appears on stage in costume to sing a duet with Christine. As Christine unmasks the Phantom in full view of the audience, he is enraged and drags Christine with him into the cellars. The opera staff follow in pursuit, including Raoul, a patron of the opera and Christine’s beloved. The Phantom captures Raoul and threatens to kill him unless Christine agrees to marry the Phantom. Christine makes her choice, and when the rest of the opera staff arrive, the Phantom has vanished.

Creative team

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Charles Hart
Additional Lyrics
Richard Stilgoe
Andrew Lloyd Webber, Richard Stilgoe
Based on the novel ‘Le Fantôme de l'Opéra’ by
Gaston Leroux
Andrew Lloyd Webber, David Cullen
Atso Almila, Nick Davies
Tiina Puumalainen
Teppo Järvinen
Marjaana Mutanen
Osku Heiskanen
Lighting design
Timo Alhanen
Sound design
Andreas “Stanley” Lönnquist


Christine Daaé
Marika Hölttä
Christine Daaé
Emma Kajander
Ville Rusanen
Kevin Greenlaw
Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny
Olli Tuovinen
Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny
Markus Nykänen
Monsieur Firmin
Sauli Tiilikainen
Monsieur Firmin
Aarne Pelkonen
Monsieur André
Jussi Miilunpalo
Monsieur André
Petri Vesa
Carlotta Giudicelli
Hanna-Leena Haapamäki
Carlotta Giudicelli
Reetta Haavisto
Madame Giry
Merja Mäkelä
Ubaldo Piangi
Mika Pohjonen
Ubaldo Piangi
Johannes Vatjus
Monsieur Reyer
Arto Hosio
Monsieur Reyer
Juha-Pekka Mitjonen
Meg Giry
Polina Liiv
Joseph Buquet / Firechief
Koit Soasepp
Joseph Buquet / Firechief
Jussi Vänttinen
Auctioneer / Monsieur Lefèvre / Firefighter
Michael Kerry
Confidante of the Countess (in the opera Il Muto)
Krista Kujala
Confidante of the Countess (in the opera Il Muto)
Saara Kiiveri
Dandy 1 (in the opera Il Muto)
Roland Liiv
Dandy 1 (in the opera Il Muto)
Juhana Suninen
Dandy 2 (in the opera Il Muto)
Simo Mäkinen
Dandy 2 (in the opera Il Muto)
Heikki Hattunen
Don Attilio (in the opera Il Muto)
Marko Nykänen
Don Attilio (in the opera Il Muto)
Markus Nieminen
Passarino (in the opera Don Juan Triumphant)
Roland Liiv
Passarino (in the opera Don Juan Triumphant)
Juhana Suninen
Madame Firmin
Tanja Aidanjuuri

Listen to The Phantom of the Opera

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Tickets and Performances

Please note that separate terms and conditions apply to performances of The Phantom of the Opera.

Sign language interpretation in the performances
on August 31 at 7 pm and September 11 at 7 pm.

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