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Audience outreach

For schools

On this page, you’ll find different ways for school groups to explore the world of opera and ballet. We look forward to welcoming you onboard.

Opera and ballet for schoolchildren

Opera and ballet are much more than just main stage performances. We provide school-age children and young people a variety of opportunities to get to know our art. Dress rehearsals and the Art Testers campaign for young people offer experiences from the audience perspective, school operas are staged together with professionals, and art workshops get schoolchildren and young people moving.

Even though the primary aim of our activities for schools is to offer art experiences, they also help pupils learn to co-operate creatively. Teachers and supervisors, meanwhile, discover new ways of working and possibilities for multidisciplinary teaching within the curriculum.

We offer school groups affordable opera and ballet experiences at €30–€40 per ticket. You can learn more about our discounts for schoolchildren here.

For primary schools

For secondary and vocational schools

Concessions for schoolchildren

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