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School opera: The Source

A businessman wants to build a drinks factory on the site of a source, which is considered sacred. All he needs is municipal funding. The contract is already signed and will remain valid as long as the work begins by a set deadline. The sensitive Sofia hears the voice of the source and gets her entire class on her side to prevent its destruction. Will they be successful? They only have 40 minutes, and the diggers are at the ready.

The Source is a school opera, in which the story progresses in real-time. The strikingly exciting tale poses some very current questions. Will we preserve the planet for future generations, or will we cause irreversible harm?

Ballet energy for boys

Ballet energy for boys workshop will introduce ballet to boys as both a sport and an art form. Its goal is to inspire 7-year-old boys to take up dance and inspire curiosity towards ballet.

Opera & Ballet in Action

The Opera & Ballet in Action workshops are for children aged 5 to 6, leading them into the wonderful world of opera and ballet. Read more!

First taste of Opera & Ballet

The First Taste of Opera & Ballet will wake up all the senses of both babies and their parents. We will sing, play, move, listen, look and touch – no previous experience necessary!

The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute like you have never seen it before! Combining animation and live singers makes for a hugely enjoyable and widely acclaimed experience.