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The Ballet School presents: Sleeping Beauty

The hard work of the autumn season at the Ballet School of the Finnish National Ballet will culminate in a spectacular finale in December with the school’s own interpretation of Sleeping Beauty.

The Ballet School presents: Students’ workshop

Vocational education students at Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet will be showing their choreographer skills at a workshop performance featuring a dozen modern and neoclassical choreographies, most of them premieres.


Isfåglarna is the most recent opera composed by Olli Kortekangas and it tells the myth of the demigod Alkyone and king Keyx, their love and trials.


Earthrise depicts a world where political and religious forces struggle for influence, while the scientific process reveals uncomfortable truths. The piece is based on Johannes Kepler’s science fiction novel The Dream (posthumously published in 1634) and the astronomer’s life. Directed by librettist Aleksi Barrière, the musical theater production combines 17th-century repertoire with genre-bending new music created by composer Juha T. Koskinen and vocal artist Anni Elif Egecioglu.

Ballet workshop

The dancers of the Finnish National Ballet will take on a dual role as choreographers, as the Ballet Workshop returns to Almi Hall after a long wait! The workshop evening is all about contemporary pieces created and produced by the dancers of the Finnish National Ballet themselves, delivering a multifaceted experience of varying themes, visuals, and dance styles.


The young dancers’ evening of the Finnish National Ballet offers a captivating mix of the classic and contemporary. The highlight of the evening is the premiere of German choreographer Marco Goecke’s Blushing, the winner of the 2003 Prix Dom Pérignon, which was originally created for the Stuttgart Ballet. In addition to Blushing, the evening features excerpts of the ballet La Bayadère, and select contemporary dance pieces.

It’s time

In October, it’s time for dance as Ballet Finland celebrates its 15th anniversary at the Almi Hall. The evening will feature three contemporary dance works, crafted by Finland’s leading choreographers. In addition to world premieres of Hanna Brotherus and Johanna Nuutinen’s pieces, Kenneth Kvarnström will showcase a revised version of his beloved Carmen?!.

The Bach project

Tuomo Railo’s acclaimed contemporary dance work The Bach Project will have its rerun in Alminsali in autumn 2024. The Bach Project is a choreography for eight dancers. The piece features J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations interpreted by pianist Risto Lauriala.

School opera: The Makings of a Star

Recycling is a key theme of the new School opera: the Making of a Star. What’s the future of humanity and planet Earth? Read more about the performance.

The Ballet School Presents: Spring Gala 2024

The spring gala in May at Almi Hall culminates the academic year’s hard work for the pupils and vocational students of the Ballet School. The repertoire includes both classical ballet and contemporary dance.