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Plus-One at Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Plus One is the Finnish National Opera’s community for our most active group leaders. As a Plus One, you’ll enjoy extra benefits and more personal service. Here you can read more about Plus One services.

The Plus-One programme at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet will conclude after the 2023–2024 season. We’ve unified our pricing structure, allowing you to enjoy our group discounts starting next season. We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has participated in the Plus-One programme.

Add up the benefits as our Plus-One

You can enrol as a Plus-One by bringing 10 or more people to different performances three times over the season, or 20 or more people twice. After this, you will get a substantial discount for each Plus-One ticket you buy, and you can pass some or all of it to the entire group. The tickets can be printed without the price being shown.

As the group leader, your own ticket will be free of charge whenever more than 30 of you attend the same performance.

Being our Plus-One is about much more than just discounts, however. You’ll get sneak peaks into our upcoming repertoire, early bird ticket buying opportunities, event invitations, and personalised service. As a thank you, we also invite our most active Plus-Ones to attend our dress rehearsals.

Plus-One discount

You will be eligible for the Plus-One discount for a group of 10 or more people when all the group members buy a standard ticket (price categories A–D). The size of your Plus-One discount will depend on the number of tickets purchased as well as the day of the performance. The discount applies to the price of a standard ticket.

Plus-One discounts for season 2023–2024

For 10–29 tickets to Mon–Thu performances the discount is  8% of the standard ticket price.

For 30–49 tickets to Mon–Thu performances the discount is 13% of the standard ticket price. When you buy a minimum of 30 tickets for your group, you will get the 31st ticket free of charge.

For a minimum of 50 tickets to Mon–Thu performances the discount is 15% of the standard ticket price.

For weekend performances (Fri–Sat) the discount is 8% of the standard ticket price for all groups of 10 or more people.

Read more about our service and delivery fees here.

Collecting your tickets

The deadline for collecting your tickets is negotiable.

Terms and conditions

We are constantly updating our Plus-One database. You will maintain your Plus-One status by purchasing a minimum of 30 group tickets for three different performance dates or a minimum of 40 group tickets for two different performance dates. You can register to our Plus-One database by emailing us at avec[at]

For more information about our plans for the Plus-One network, joining it and making the most of the benefits, please contact us at avec[at]

Tickets and enquiries – personal service


Tarja Kahiala, Customer service
tel. (09) 4030 2326

Group sales
tel. (09) 4030 2210 Mon–Fri 10–17

Please remember to let us know you’re our Plus-One.