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Night of the Arts

Night of the Arts at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet has a full and varied program for opera and ballet lovers. The beloved flea market makes a comeback, with enchanting finds from the costume department of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. As twilight descends, in the outdoor amphitheater, it is possible to watch two recorded performances.

Street and ballet moves @oopperabaletti

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet is joining the celebrations for International Dance Day 2024. This year, the theme of the Dance Day is street dance.

During the event, audiences are invited to watch the Finnish National Ballet’s rehearsals, and the Opera House opens its doors to dancers of various genres, with a particular focus on street dance and street dance culture. Dance groups and other attendees will also have the opportunity to join two hip-hop dance classes led by esteemed instructors.

Open House

Open House event at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet offers a wealth of things to see, hear and experience for children and adults alike. This year the program includes for example workshops, guided tours and short performances. The events are suitable for visitors of all ages, particularly children aged 4 or more.

Opera Teatime Dance

This free and relaxed afternoon dance event is an opportunity to whirl and twirl to evergreens. The hugely popular dance sessions will be live streamed at the Stage24 service of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, too.

Music in the foyer

Our atmospheric Saturday afternoon matinees will echo with favourite melodies performed by members of the Chorus or the Orchestra of the National Opera.

Introductory talks

Introductions, given before performances, explore the world around the work being performed. You will watch the performance with new eyes once you have been given background information and interesting facts about the origins of the work, about the characters and about the story.