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Richard Wagner

Das Rheingold

2 h 40 min, No interval
30.8.2019 – 18.9.2019
Main Stage
Price range
35-134 €
German. Surtitles in Finnish, Swedish and English
Age recommendation

A journey to another realm begins

Alberich steals the gold guarded by the Rheinmaidens from the river Rhein. He renounces love and forges the gold into a ring, which will give its bearer unlimited power. Wotan, the ruler of the gods, however, also longs for absolute power.

Das Rheingold introduces the central characters and themes, which are developed further as the story continues. According to Wagner, Das Rheingold was “the preliminary evening of a stage festival play”.

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In payment for building the castle Valhalla, the giants Fafner and Fasolt demand that the ruler of the gods Wotan surrender either the goddess of youth Freia or the golden treasure stolen by the dwarf Alberich from the maidens of the Rhine. Wotan uses his cunning to secure the gold for himself instead.

Alberich’s brother Mime has used the gold to fashion a magic helmet which allows the wearer to
change shape. Wotan entices Alberich to prove its transformative powers by changing into a toad.

Alberich is easily trapped and forced to give up his treasure. He bitterly puts a death curse on the ring. The giants are given the Rhine gold in exchange for Freia, whom they have kidnapped, but Alberich’s curse soon takes effect. They begin to fight over the treasure and Fafner ultimately kills Fasolt.

“The staging must match the grandeur of Wagner’s music. Traditionally, the Ring is a story about love, revenge, power and greed. Behind this epic narrative, however, there are even greater themes: questions and answers about mythology, faith and consciousness. I want my direction to be as layered as the music.”
– director Anna Kelo

creative team

Richard Wagner
Esa-Pekka Salonen
Anna Kelo
Mikki Kunttu
Erika Turunen
Lighting design, Video design
Mikki Kunttu


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