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Ring – the world’s greatest opera epic

A tale that makes you lose track of time

Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelungs), also called the Ring cycle, is an opera tetralogy composed by Richard Wagner. Ever since this extraordinary work saw its world premiere in Bayreuth in 1876, it’s been counted among the greatest artistic achievements of Western culture. Not only has it reached cult status with its passionate fan base, it also continues to fascinate new audiences. The Ring takes you on a journey; rather than just telling you about fascinating places, it draws you right into the action.

Der Ring des Nibelungen will be staged in a new production, conducted by Hannu Lintu and directed by Anna Kelo. Creative team also includes Mikki Kunttu, responsible for visual design from lighting to video and set design, as well as Costume Designer Erika Turunen.

A truly transformational work of art

Wagner’s decision to write the Ring cycle transformed both opera arts and the composer’s life. He dedicated himself to the Ring  for 26 years with unforeseen ardor. Besides writing the most extensive work of opera in history, he ensured the building of a new venue for the performances and secured the financing for a project of an unprecedented scale.

The staging must match the grandeur of Wagner’s music. Traditionally, the Ring is a story about love, revenge, power and greed. Behind the epic narrative, however, there are even greater themes: questions and answers about mythology, faith and consciousness. I want my direction to be as layered as the music.

– Anna Kelo, director

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Die Walküre 



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