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Mini opera Cinderella

Cinderella’s sisters go to a ball where they hope to court the favour of the Prince, leaving Cinderella at home to clean the house. Fortunately, a magic flute conjures up a spectacular gown for Cinderella to wear, and the people at the ball are dazzled by the mysterious beauty dancing in glass slippers. The familiar story of Cinderella is presented in a hilariously updated 30-minute mini opera suitable for everyone over the age of two.

The Horseman

What happens to love in the face of oppression? Seen for the first time at the Finnish National Opera, Aulis Sallinen’s The Horseman takes audiences on a journey to a dystopian future. Jussi Nikkilä’s direction featuring Finland’s top singers promises a compelling interpretation of one of the country’s landmark operatic works.


Salome is one of the most intense and powerful operas ever created. In his electrifying revision, the masterful director Christof Loy now presents the classic work from a fresh perspective. This one-act opera captivates its audience with its unexpected elements and profound insights.

Salome returns to the Finnish National Opera’s repertoire in the autumn of 2024.

The Merry Widow

As the curtain rises, it feels as if you’re stepping into a grand, splendid celebration. Franz Lehár’s effervescent operetta The Merry Widow offers a taste of genuine old world glamour, aristocratic reverie, catchy melodies, and can-can. In spring 2025, it will be performed in Finnish.

Animal Farm

In an uprising on a farm, a group of animals overthrow their farmer’s tyrannical reign. Little by little, their new society begins to mirror human civilisation, and their original principles of equality are cast aside.

Animal Farm, based on George Orwell’s famous novel, was first performed in Amsterdam in the spring of 2023, quickly earning acclaim from audiences and critics alike. This impactful opera is an experience unlike anything seen before at the Finnish National Opera.


Isfåglarna is the most recent opera composed by Olli Kortekangas and it tells the myth of the demigod Alkyone and king Keyx, their love and trials.


Earthrise depicts a world where political and religious forces struggle for influence, while the scientific process reveals uncomfortable truths. The piece is based on Johannes Kepler’s science fiction novel The Dream (posthumously published in 1634) and the astronomer’s life. Directed by librettist Aleksi Barrière, the musical theater production combines 17th-century repertoire with genre-bending new music created by composer Juha T. Koskinen and vocal artist Anni Elif Egecioglu.

Don Carlos

Political scheming, a harrowing love triangle, and magnificent music. In Don Carlos, Elisabeth is married to King Philip of Spain, but her heart belongs to his son, Don Carlos. Yet, the political machinations of the state prove more powerful than their profound emotions.

In this opera classic, love and politics give rise to Verdi’s affecting melodies. Merging the themes of unattainable love and the desire for freedom, Don Carlos emerges as one of Verdi’s most intricately woven operas. The stunning new production premieres at the Finnish National Opera in spring 2025.

The Ostrobothnians

Leevi Madetoja’s The Ostrobothnians (”Pohjalaisia”) is often called Finland’s national opera, and rightly so. It’s a story about persistence, human rights, and freedom. Pohjalaisia was first performed in 1924. A century later, it reminds us of the timeless nature of stories that stir the human soul.

Now, The Ostrobothnians has been reinterpreted by some of Finland’s leading creatives. In his first opera, director Paavo Westerberg moves the story forward with cinematic impact. The set design is reminiscent of classic Westerns, in the style of the Coen brothers.

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera, one of the all-time favourites at the Finnish National Opera, has had over a hundred sold-out performances in Finland.

Combining elements of classical music with pop and rock, this musical is a perfect choice for first-time visitors, too. The Finnish National Opera’s version features the largest ensemble of singers, musicians, and dancers ever seen in Finland. This spectacle is simply unmissable!